2022 Top Winners

1st Place Team of Darren and Dalton Combs with a weight of 19.61 lbs.

1st Place
Darren Combs & Dalton Combs
19.61 lbs.

1st Place Team of Darren and Dalton Combs with a weight of 19.61 lbs.

2nd Place
Jacob Wade & Cody Ellison
17.91 lbs.

3rd Place Team of Tyler Casey & Jeff Florke with 17.84lbs

3rd Place
Tyler Casey & Jeff Florke
17.84 lbs.

Big Bass Win goes to Gene Hinshaw and Steve Garnett with a wt of 6.18 lbs

Big Bass
Gene Hinshaw and Steve Garnett
6.18 lbs.

Winners of the $15k drawing prize, sponsored by Vexus, are Ken Gross and Jay Beffa.

Drawing Winners
Ken Gross & Jay Beffa
Sponsor:  Vexus

The Largest Annual Bass Tournament on Table Rock Lake
May 2nd 2023, at 6:30 AM

Vexus Boats Plant Tour

Cops for Kids Tournament is an annual event that usually sees more than 180 entries each year.  Buddy bass teams come from all over the region in support of this annual event that directly benefits Catch • A • Dream Foundation and Children’s Smile Center. The Catch • A • Dream Foundation grants once-in-a-lifetime hunting and fishing experiences to children across North America, ages 18 and younger who suffer from a life-threatening illness, at a time when these children need to know that hope exists.  The Children’s Smile Center focuses on dental care for children in Stone, Taney, Christian, Lawrence and Barry counties in Missouri who qualify for Medicaid.  Whether you’re a fisherman wanting to enter the tournament or your company would like to become a sponsor, we welcome everyone to be a part of this opportunity to help make a once in a lifetime difference.

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